Prussian Avant Guard Division, October 1806

(cited after "Memoiren des königlich preußischen Generals der Infantrie Ludwig v. Reiche", Herausgegeben von seinem Neffen Louis v. Weltzien, F.A. Brockhaus, Leipzig, 1857, Erster Teil, S. 159f)

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Batl.    Battalion

Batt.    Battery

Capt. Captain

Cmd.  Commander

Col.     Colonel

Comp.             Company

Drag.  Dragoon Regt.

Fus.    Fusileer

GM      General Major

Huss.  Hussar Regt.

Inf.       Infantry Regt.

Musq. Musqueteer

Pd.      Pound

Regt.   Regiment

Commander-in-Chief: General of Cavalry Duke of Saxony-Weimar

Staff: Capt. v. Müffling, Ltn. v. Reiche, ...

(Light) Brigade GM v. Rudorff

Fus. Batl. Col. Count Wedell

4 Comp. Jäger [of the Jäger Regt., Cmd. Col. v. Yorck]

Rudorff (Life) Huss., 2 Batl. (10 Squad.)

GM Duke of Braunschweig-Oels
[Cmd. of the two following brigades. TH]

Brigade Col. v. Frankenberg

Inf. Kunheim, 2 Musq. Batl.

Inf. Borke, 2 Musq. Batl.

Brigade Col. v. Kaminsky

Inf. Duke of Braunschweig-Oels, 2 Musq. Batl.

Inf. Owstien, 2 Musq. Batl.

1 Batt. 6 Pd. v. Thadden

Cavalry Brigade GM v. Pelet

Drag. King of Bavaria, 5 Squad.

1 Batl. Pletz Huss., 2. Batl. (5 Squad., arrived ca. October 9th)

1 Mount. Batt. Wegener

History: Initially designated as Avant Guard of the Prussian Army (within the Corps of Duke Hohenlohe), the Avantguard was on October 14th in the area of Ilmenau, hence missed both the battles of Jena and Auerstedt. 15th near Erfurt. Via Gotha and Eisenach to Duderstadt (18th), Lutter am Barenberge (20th), Wolfenbüttel (21st, conference between the Duke of Saxony-Weimar and Gen. Blücher), Königslutter (22nd), Gardelegen (24th), Stendal (25th), crossing of the river Elbe at Sandau (26th, combat of Altenzaun, especially the Jäger companies under Yorck, cf. P. Hofschröer: Prussian Light Infantry 1792-1815). The Duke left the Avant Guard on October 28th (he was urged by Napoleon, otherwise he would had left his country), new Cmd. became Gen. v. Winning. Via Mirow (31st) to Lübeck (before November 5th), capitulation (of Ratekau) on November 6th, together with Blücher´s troops. Leader of the French troops attacking Lübeck was Marshall Bernadotte.