Order of Battle of the VII. (Saxonian) Corps of the Grande Armee, March 1812

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(cited after Lieutenant General Ferdinand von Funck : "Erinnerungen aus dem Feldzuge des sächsischen Corps unter dem Grafen Reynier im Jahre 1812", Arnoldische Buchhandlung, Dresden and Leipzig, 1829, pp. 1-4, 16, 18, 20, 47, 197)

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Batl.    Battalion

Col.     Colonel

Gren.  Grenadier

Inf.       Infantry

Maj.     Major

Regt.   Regiment

Squad.            Squadroon

NB. The corps was in cantonnement near Guben, Saxony. It was designated to form the 7th corps of the Grande Armee (21st and 22nd divisions). The march onto the front started 26th March. The corps reached Radom on 24th April. The Saxonian cavalry division Thielmann (probably including its Horse Battery) was divided by an order of Emperor Napoleon from the corps and formed part of the III. and IV. Cavalry Corps of the Grande Armee.

Commanding General: Lieutenant General Count Reynier (French)

French Staff:

Chief of staff: Col. Gressot (later General)

NB: formally Chief of staff, but in practice Chief of the Intendanz (Commisariat) only

Adjutant: Col. Benneville

Adjutant: Chef de Batl. Charlet

Ordnance Officers: ?

Saxonian General Staff:

Chief of Staff: Col. von Langenau (later General)

Sous-chef: Maj. Aster

Chief of Artillery: Col. von Hoyer

Intendant (Commisar): ?

Oberfeldarzt (Chief Physician): ?

Engineer Officers: ?

Adjoints: ?

Adjutants: ?

Ordnance Officers: ?

Stabswache (Guard of staff): (Saxonian) Hussars, 1 Squad.

21st Division, Lieutenant General von Le Coq

1st Brigade, Major General von Steindel

Grenadiers von Liebenau, 1 Batl

Inf. Regt. Prinz Friedrich, 2 Batl.

Inf. Regt. Prinz Clemens, 2 Batl.

2nd Brigade, Major General von Nostitz

Inf. Regt. Prinz Clemens, 2 Batl.

1st Light Inf. Regt. (Schützen) von le Coq, 2 Batl.


1 Foot Battery (belongs to the Division)

2 Foot Batteries (belong to the Artillery Reserve)

1 Horse Battery (belongs to the Cavalry Division),

[each Battery of 4 pieces of 6 Pd. and 2 howitzers]

12 Regimental 4 Pd.pieces

22nd Division, Lieutenant General Freiherr von Gutschmidt

1st Brigade, Major General von Klengel

Grenadiers von Brause (later von Eichelberg), 1 Batl

NB. The Batl. Eichelberg remained in Warsaw resp. Bialystok and took no part in the Russian Campaign. It reunified with the corps ca. 28th December, in Siedlce (near Warsaw).

Inf. Regt. König, 2 Batl.

Inf. Regt. von Niesemeuschel, 2 Batl.

2nd Brigade, Major General von Sahr

Anger Grenadiers, 1 Batl

Grenadiers von Spiegel, 1 Batl

2nd Light Inf. Regt. (Schützen), 2 Batl.


1 Foot Battery (belongs to the Division)

8 Regimental 4 Pd. piece

Corps Cavalry, Lieutenant General von Funck

Prinz Clemens Uhlans, 4 Squad.

Dragoons von Polenz, 4 Squad.

Hussars, 7 Squad.

Separate Units

1 Pontoonniers Company

1 Sappers Company

Intendanz (Commisariat), Parks, Fuhrwesen (Train), etc.